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international Stand-up comedian, MC, actor, script writer, producer, For bookings : geraldine@owens.co.za 0721179230

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Trevor Gumbi
It’s been a long week. I’m grateful to have a moment to put my feet up and catch up with family
18 Mar, 2023 - 05:26 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Look at how cute my Almond was as a pup ! Love her https://t.co/MmCgT8PHg3
14 Mar, 2023 - 04:53 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
I’m here for a good time, not a long time *T&C’s apply
13 Mar, 2023 - 05:58 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
What I miss about December is seeing @Boet_Themba walking in with plastic loads of groceries and go straight to cooking outside. Now he’s cooking alone for himself outside. WE are the toxic friends
11 Mar, 2023 - 06:53 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
I’m kicking this Neo guys ass at poker. He’s almost broke, now I go in for the kill
10 Mar, 2023 - 03:21 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
“A touch is a move !” - @Quela__
10 Mar, 2023 - 09:13 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
This is my favourite exercise right now. With dumbbells in each hand, it works the sides of your abs. Gets rid of the muffin-top and creates those penis pointers
10 Mar, 2023 - 07:33 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Getting our end-orphans
10 Mar, 2023 - 06:21 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
#TBT I was SO unnecessary
09 Mar, 2023 - 08:53 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
I tried to take a selfie of myself with both my thumbs showing, so that I could caption it “what has two thumbs and is in the gym today ? THIS GUY !” but, I needed the thumb to click the button. Turns out it’s IMPOSSIBLE to take a selfie with both thumbs showing. Prove me wrong !
08 Mar, 2023 - 08:11 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Gym time, but, the little ember of joy I’ve been keeping alight, is slowly fading. I’ll feel much better after this,….or at least I hope I will,…
07 Mar, 2023 - 07:15 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Today, my little sobriety baby is 5 months old and we celebrate cause we’re slowly getting to bury this sweaty drunk guy, bit by bit #aDayAtaTime
07 Mar, 2023 - 04:27 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
I finished strong, ‘cause I am who I say I am and if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am ?!
06 Mar, 2023 - 08:01 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Shout out to the 031, the hoods I repped be the 907 and the 909 !
06 Mar, 2023 - 07:37 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
My stubborn belly fat is still there, but, there are some positive changes. Like, my bellybutton used to be deep enough to hold two tequila shots, now it’s down to just one. (Which upset the gents at my local pub, but it is what it is) #KeepGoing
06 Mar, 2023 - 06:41 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Mzansi Comedy Nights, tonight at 22h00 channel 161 @comedywednesday @Eyeunderm @Mzansimagic
05 Mar, 2023 - 02:23 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Fine dining at the Mai
05 Mar, 2023 - 10:19 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
#ThingsBongaHates sitting behind him in the car @_Bonga
05 Mar, 2023 - 09:01 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
The only problem is, they're not my ducks
04 Mar, 2023 - 06:20 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
I’ve unlocked a new level of my “motivation through self deprivation” program. I now eat my cheat meals naked in front of a mirror shouting “LOOK AT YOU !” through half chewed mouthfuls
04 Mar, 2023 - 12:05 PM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
Working out with a couple of #reds today
03 Mar, 2023 - 09:01 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
R54 for 750g strawberry muesli ? I’ll wait for the cornflakes to spoil and add potpourri instead
02 Mar, 2023 - 10:58 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
OMG, I’ve just caught of whiff of myself and I smell rancid ! Maybe I should change my gym gear more than once a week. If I’ve been downwind from you recently, I’m sorry I put you through that and I hope I didn’t give anyone a deviated septum
02 Mar, 2023 - 09:07 AM UTC
Trevor Gumbi
A glorious morning. #ThankYouForTheWork @osmtalent
02 Mar, 2023 - 07:38 AM UTC

Top Retweets by @trevorgumbi

Godfrey Albertyn 🇿🇦 🤡
LOL this is brilliant, make Britain great again! 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/KwiWyG9PP3
15 Mar, 2023 - 03:56 PM UTC
Nathan Baugh 🗺️
In 2019, Matt Damon gave a masterclass on what makes a great scene. “You could end the scene there, but if you leave the camera rolling…” https://t.co/R6i8l2oGa8
14 Mar, 2023 - 05:45 PM UTC
This will forever remain a classic 🤡 https://t.co/Ed8R897tnp
13 Mar, 2023 - 04:27 PM UTC
This video clip was a mass extinction event of brain cells in my head
12 Mar, 2023 - 11:42 PM UTC
All The Right Movies
DENZEL WASHINGTON with some humble words about moviemaking.
12 Mar, 2023 - 02:00 PM UTC
Another week, another well-flavoured serving of authentically Southy gags. Prep your rib cages and tune in to #MzansiComedyNights with Skhumba and @trevorgumbi this evening at 21:00 on @MzansiMagic (Ch 161).
12 Mar, 2023 - 12:57 PM UTC
Detect Fights 💕
He picked on a homeless man and a random guy stepped in
11 Mar, 2023 - 08:08 PM UTC
Her: Hang on! We can f**k when my son goes to bed, okay? Her son at 2:07am https://t.co/VKvFBxyv5E
10 Mar, 2023 - 11:04 PM UTC
Gabi Mbele™
I love and appreciate them so much I always tell them they are saving us unlike the Colddrink guys 😔 https://t.co/aH4HHOCzqq
10 Mar, 2023 - 03:22 AM UTC
🎵Don't go Jason Waterfalls🎶
Day 18. I got angry today. I got frustrated. But my brain didn't jump to ideas of drinking or drugs. Which has gotta be a first. So today I'm grateful for that. And my mom made fudge for me and everyone here. Grateful for her love! #sobriety
09 Mar, 2023 - 02:59 PM UTC
GUYS! If you find my content funny and uplifting, please vote for me here: https://t.co/wRheLUF4oR ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/CN3xFhrLDM
09 Mar, 2023 - 09:10 AM UTC
Lesang Tshoke ⚜️🧜🏽‍♂️
Everyone is asking for a 2500 ewallet on WhatsApp … are u all hacked by the same person? That’s childish.😂🤣
08 Mar, 2023 - 12:13 PM UTC
Chris Rock is trending again for this exchange 🤮
06 Mar, 2023 - 11:58 AM UTC
Africa Facts Zone
South African Actress, Nomzamo Mbatha starred in an upcoming movie titled Assassin alongside Bruce Willis and Dominic Purcell. It is believed to be Bruce Willis' last film, after he was diagnosed with dementia. She also starred in 2021 Hollywood movie, Coming 2 America.
06 Mar, 2023 - 08:23 AM UTC
Dillan Oliphant
Listening To My Anfield Playlist https://t.co/1MDEZv9gCR
06 Mar, 2023 - 07:57 AM UTC
chris evans
Handled that without breaking a sweat 😮
06 Mar, 2023 - 07:38 AM UTC
Sam Sykes
goddamn elevator wizard won't let me go to the fourth floor until I answer his fucking riddle
06 Mar, 2023 - 05:05 AM UTC
Watched FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (1995) tonight for the first time in maybe 15 years. Every second of it holds up. It’s not just good it’s unbelievable. I was out of body. The cadence of the dialogue is so perfectly cool. So detached. I’m still SO in love with it. https://t.co/Td3krxQrcc
06 Mar, 2023 - 12:19 AM UTC
Fight Haven
Some say that this is the greatest Knockout in MMA history...
05 Mar, 2023 - 09:00 PM UTC
Ayanda M
That was a true story 😅 unfortunately https://t.co/YA0ofkFyDZ
05 Mar, 2023 - 08:25 PM UTC
A thread of things Bonga hates (There's obviously a lot more he never Tweeted about): https://t.co/l406cN5hBr
04 Mar, 2023 - 08:25 PM UTC
Watch till the end, makes a lot of sense 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/O6osGu5vH8
04 Mar, 2023 - 05:06 PM UTC
The Food Musketeer
While stuck in traffic closer towards the robots section at Grayston, I noticed this guy selling coffee, the other guy walks with a tray with the cups and stirrers and sugar etc. They making an honest living so if you can give them some support please do lookout for them ☕️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://t.co/VRCxFGiTgJ
04 Mar, 2023 - 04:28 PM UTC
Teddy Carpenter shut Def Comedy Jam down with this 🎙️😂
04 Mar, 2023 - 04:18 PM UTC
Bo Mbindwane
This is a comrade. This lady loves the ANC. This lady is patriotic. This is not a liar. This is a truth teller. Maningi amaxoki but u do find gems like this lady who is openly risking it all, risking her life, her lifestyle to tell the truth. She’s no mbongi! 🫡
04 Mar, 2023 - 03:21 PM UTC
Richard Poplak
I can say this with complete certainty: never before in world history has a president called in sick and delayed a Cabinet shuffle in order to import/export high-end pets.
04 Mar, 2023 - 07:43 AM UTC
Hy Bender
Mom, who's a physics teacher, accepts a challenge from her son, who's a soccer player, to move a mini-soccer ball
04 Mar, 2023 - 05:00 AM UTC



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