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Whole Foods Market
Follow vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly or any other diets? Now you can find food to fit the way you eat with our new digital product catalog. 🍏🥩🥗🍠 #Vegan #GlutenFree #Paleo #Keto #Vegetarian #MakesMeWhole https://t.co/r3BGXsNn38 https://t.co/zaj3PV3kjb
11 Jan, 2019 - 06:00 PM UTC
Whole Foods Market
#MondayMotivation: Bake the world a better place. How are you spreading joy through food this week? Tag us with #HowIJanuary and we’ll retweet our faves. https://t.co/WKHupk3sJH
14 Jan, 2019 - 04:45 PM UTC
Whole Foods Market
Happy #NationalGlutenFreeDay! What are your favorite gluten-free swaps?
13 Jan, 2019 - 02:28 PM UTC
Whole Foods Market
It’s not too late to grab a copy of “The Whole Foods Cookbook” in stores now. Spoiler alert, you can expect to find recipes like this earthy Porcini-Walnut Pâté: https://t.co/YQsaBE1kWU #🍄 #MakesMeWhole https://t.co/tfFndzlsE4
15 Jan, 2019 - 08:00 PM UTC
Whole Foods Market
Brrr … here’s to cozy nights in with winter beets. Recipe here: https://t.co/sZC1Mi9aCL #Beets #MakesMeWhole https://t.co/k6YQajTFWu
18 Jan, 2019 - 06:00 PM UTC
Whole Foods Market
Who knew oatmeal could be this pretty? Check out the newest products from @purelyelizabeth and more: https://t.co/V5kU1mZwUB https://t.co/AEdImyzZPH
14 Jan, 2019 - 08:00 PM UTC

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Whole Foods PR
"People were so excited about this first store. It was amazing, and we didn't do any advertising. We just opened the doors," says @WholeFoods founder John Mackey. @CNBC's @CatClifford on how it all started: https://t.co/EkrvXrtYjF #FlashbackFriday #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling https://t.co/js4r3rvyR3
11 Jan, 2019 - 06:36 PM UTC
Beth Manos Brickey
I’ve partnered with @WholeFoods to share one of my favorite, easy, keto-friendly snacks: Chocolate Avocado Pudding! This creamy, decadent treat is ready in no time – Check it out on my IG story highlights here! https://t.co/bv9Gmdy9bS #Sponsored #Keto #HowIJanuary #MakesMeWhole https://t.co/AjKpD1SMiP
17 Jan, 2019 - 08:57 PM UTC